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This Is NPR: The First Forty Years

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November 2016
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Cokie Roberts
Susan Stamberg
Noah Adams
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Chronicle Books

This gift book has four more authors and many contributors, plus a general CD and 4 timely CDs – for the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s. They give historical highlights in mostly short (1-2 pp texts plus 1 or more pp photos) segments - a delight to those who love NPR’s ground-breaking radio style.

The Amazon website for the hardcover edition I was given is

The home page of this site has a short review (click on’ Read more’). I also recommend scrolling down the home page and read the Editorial Review from Publishers Weekly.

I was delighted to see how much was included in Amazon’s preview - click on ‘Look inside’ so you can share my delight. First take a good look at the front cover to see the names of the seven main authors as well as the 15 other contributors shown in smaller font. (There is no list of the ‘many more'.)

Usually for books with many photos and other ‘visual info’ formats, such as the Table of Contents, Amazon’s previews seldom present as much as is available here. You get a great start with the ‘Foreword: Radio Has the Best Pictures’ by Cokie Roberts and ‘Introduction: In the Beginning There Was Sound But No Chairs’ by Susan Stamberg. These two lead articles are followed by a 2-pp spread showing – by the size of the letters used – the NPR Program Audience Sizes. This is followed by the time-ordered four decades that this delightful book presents. This is all you need to see if you are a fan of NPR.

The above is all I need to present here. But looking back at what I’ve just said, I have to chuckle at what I’ve just done – using words instead of sounds – to describe NPR. The fact that NPR has captured the world’s attention by focusing on topics which, as often ad possible, include the voices and background sounds of radio – hearing the unscripted words of people who are – or were – present where and when things of interest happened. I hope that there will be more decades in a follow-up book of words, photos, CDs, and DVDs and that I’ll be around to read, see and hear such a book.

I give this very-hard-to-put-down book a five-star rating, but with my praise ‘to think six stars.’

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