Now I'm getting the chance to read books I didn't have time for before. Think of me whenever you see the slogan "So many books, so little time!" Now I've got the time.  Cheers, Fred.

A Wrinkle in Time

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May 2018
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Square Fish

This is the first book by Madeleine L’ Engle (1918 – 2007) of her ‘classic’ Time Quintet. A Wrinkle in Time was a best seller, won the 1963 Newbery Medal, and was made into a movie. It is a fantasy novel, but it has also been called a science fiction novel. An amazing third-grade girl who is very interested in math and science loaned me this book. In turn I loaned her Magnitude: The Scale of the Universe (book 745).

The Amazon website for the 2007 paperback edition is

[None of the ISBN-10, ISBN-13, or ASIN numbers on Amazon’s websites for the three editions (Kindle, hardcover, or paperback) are recognized by Amazon, thus the ‘no image Circle' appears. I think this new change by Amazon is not good. However, you can see the images of this books' covers at the website above.]

The home page has a review (click on ‘Read more) that briefly describes the story (and defines what the book’s title means). Further down the home page is a paragraph about the author – see ‘About the Author.’ I recommend reading a brief biography about Madeleine L’ Engle. It is further down the home page under ‘More about the author” (click on ‘Show more’) for she lived a very interesting life.

For a work of fiction, I’ve found it best not to tell much about the story, but instead to give a potential reader enough about the fictional characters, and what they face, to make one want to read the book. I was very happy to find a home-page ‘Top customer review’ that does this quite well. It is a five-star review by Bernie Gourley. He calls this book ‘A great kid’s sci-fi adventure tale.’ Since it was published in 1962, I learned about it in 1963 when I was 23. A physics friend in grad school with me loaned me his copy. I enjoyed rereading it now at age 77. I can imagine how someone of single-digit age would very much enjoy reading it for the first time.

I recommend using Amazon’s ‘Look inside’ option, scroll down to the Contents page, and then read the 5-pp ‘An Appreciation’ by Anna Quindlen, in which she tells more about the characters in this story as well as what she thinks may have had an influence on Madeleine L’ Engle to write this fantasy story in which human ethics play a large part. The three mysterious ladies Mrs Whatsit, Mrs Who, and Mrs Which are there to help the children. They do so in mysterious ways that are left to the reader’s imagination, which is far better than proposing strange science methods to have the characters travel in space-time.

This book deserved being a best seller. Relax and enjoy it. I rate it at five stars.