Now I'm getting the chance to read books I didn't have time for before. Think of me whenever you see the slogan "So many books, so little time!" Now I've got the time.  Cheers, Fred.

On the Future: Prospects for Humanity

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February 2019
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Martin Rees
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Princeton U. Press

Sir Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal, has been Master of Trinity College and Director of Astronomy at Cambridge. As a member of the UK's House of Lords and former President of the Royal Society, he is much involved in international science and issues of technological risk. (For his books I've read, click on his name.)

I bought the hardcover edition, but I give here Amazon's Kindle website because it gives in full the 2-pp Preface and the 10-pp Introduction:

[None of the ISBN-10, ISBN-13, or ASIN numbers on Amazon’s websites for the three editions (Kindle, hardcover, or paperback) are recognized by Amazon, thus the ‘no image Circle' appears. I think this new change by Amazon is not good. However, you can see the images of this book's covers at the website above.]

The home page has an excellent review that was more than I needed to encourage me to buy this book. Further down the home page are ten editorial words of praise (of 1-4 lines) that I recommend reading, especially the 4-line review by Louie Conway for Vanity Fair.

I recommend using Amazon's 'Look inside' option. Scrolling down from the cover gives you many more words of praise, some of which are longer than 4 lines. The Contents page tells you how Martin Rees has organized this book. It builds up smoothly in five Parts, with the fifth Part being Conclusions in three short chapters. Some of you may want to do as I did – read first his conclusions, then go back to read how this book leads up to these conclusions.

Martin Rees is well aware that we cannot simply continue are we are doing now, especially our ignoring serious and convincing science such as climate change, our pollution of sea water, and ever increasing losses of fresh water, to name just some of our neglect for the health of our planet.

I found this very well written book hard to put down. I highly recommend it to all. I rate it at five stars.