Now I'm getting the chance to read books I didn't have time for before. Think of me whenever you see the slogan "So many books, so little time!" Now I've got the time.  Cheers, Fred.


Written on March 25, 2009

The preceding visit (or vision, as some prefer to call it) explains why I have been reading and reviewing so many books. Most of them deal with religion, for I have accepted with enthusiasm the advice Christ gave me to study religious writings of all faiths. I have always wanted to learn more about the religious traditions, faiths and practices of the other major religions of the world, and now the change in my lifestyle has given me the time to do so. One of my pastors asked me if I felt this as a calling. It didn't take me long to say “Yes” and she then asked me to think hard about whether this calling involved telling others about my experiences, and to also think if it meant for me to review books and share my reviews with others. Once again it didn't take me long to realize that my answer was a definite “Yes” for reviewing and sharing. She came up with the name “What Fred Has Read” to preface one of my “shortened” reviews when it was included in my church's weekly Sunday Bulletin or monthly Communicator. My first several reviews were short because typing with my thumbs was very slow at first, but now I can usually type as fast as a good two-forefinger typist!

The books I have read came from many sources: my pastors, members of my church, friends, fellow physicists, colleagues of various academic backgrounds, as well as family (who mostly suggest fiction). Often the books are gift books. I still love science and have focused a lot on cosmology as an area of science I wanted to learn much more about. One cross-discipline area that greatly interests me is the area of science and religion - an area where many scientists, theologians, and philosophers have been studying and writing books about in recent years. Such books are included in my “Science & Religion” book type.

Look at my reviews by book type by number in “Fred's Reviews,” where you'll see that the “Science & Religion” book type is exceeded in number only by the “Christian Religion” book type. This can also be seen in a "colorful" way in the box to the upper left on your screen called "Fred's Reviews" - just click on "Type" and then you can see the most-read book types by the size of the book-type names given in various colors. You'll see that the golden-colored "Christian Religion" is the largest, with the next-largest size being the red-colored trio of "Science & Religion," "Science" and "Fiction".

I doubt if the order of the relative numbers of the book types will change much as I add more books to this web site. Except for the time it has been taking to transfer my first 280 book reviews from MS Word documents into this site, I have usually averaged reading about one book a week. I hope to maintain this pace. However, I usually wait until I've read five or more books before writing my reviews of them. As of today I've got 16 read-but-not-yet-reviewed books to begin reviewing!

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